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Smart switches connect to your home Wi-Fi network, letting you control your lights with a phone, tablet or voice-controlled smart speaker.

Aug 10,2019

Our rapid overmolding and insert molding processes produce custom prototypes and on-demand production parts in as fast as 15 days.

Jul 26,2019

Before ,we have talked about that our company Dongxinda molding technology corporation worked with GAC -TOYOTA . They went to visit our factory and have meeting on how to develop the new injection mold for their cars .

Jul 18,2019

Nowadays people are more concerned about plastic safety and the products you and your family use every day than before.

Jul 12,2019

We are making new water purifier molds for our customers, and the water purifier molds are being produced. Our employees have assembled new molds. Through testing and discussion, our new water purifier molds are in production.

Jul 02,2019

PB-1 is obtained by polymerisation of butene-1, with a stereo-specific Ziegler-Natta catalyst to creat a linear ,high molecular, isotactic, semi-crystalline polymer.

Jun 28,2019

The shape of the toilet lid we made is normal with O type, U type and V type. The process is water transfer printing.

Jun 19,2019

The average car contains more than 15,000 separate, individual parts that must work together at present. These parts can grouped into four major categories: engine, body, chassis and electrical equipment.

Jun 04,2019

Recently, we have created a new mold for our customers, a new water purifier manufacturing mold, and the new mold has been assembled. Now the engineering department and the design department are conducting tests and discussions.

May 31,2019

Plastic injection molding is a popular and economical industrial process for manufacturing a wide range of plastic consumer products. These include knobs, washers, valves, pulleys, gears, power tools, bottle caps, toys, car panels, computer monitors, keyboards, furniture and so on.

May 16,2019