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The average car contains more than 15,000 separate, individual parts that must work together at present. These parts can grouped into four major categories: engine, body, chassis and electrical equipment.

Jun 04,2019

Recently, we have created a new mold for our customers, a new water purifier manufacturing mold, and the new mold has been assembled. Now the engineering department and the design department are conducting tests and discussions.

May 31,2019

Plastic injection molding is a popular and economical industrial process for manufacturing a wide range of plastic consumer products. These include knobs, washers, valves, pulleys, gears, power tools, bottle caps, toys, car panels, computer monitors, keyboards, furniture and so on.

May 16,2019

When you take a bath, you can freely pull out the water surface. On the other hand, it is natural for rain, and the other side can be built with shower gel.

May 08,2019

With the development of the automotive industry and the extensive application of engineering plastics in the automotive industry, automotive bumpers have also entered the path of innovation as an important safety device.

Apr 27,2019

We developed and provide the highest quality car accessoires to our customers . Find everything needed to protect your cars and keep it looking new .

Apr 09,2019

Motorcycle refitted accessories designed by our company for Suzuki motorcycles

Apr 03,2019

Daytime running lights, as the name suggests, are used during driving during the day. Some people will ask, is the day bright and still use the position? As we all know, the air is not purely transparent.

Mar 26,2019

The two color injection molding is a method of molding that being called the "two material injection molding method" or the "different color material injection molding method", etc.

Mar 19,2019

Develop custom molds for customers

Mar 12,2019