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Motorcycle refitted accessories designed by our company for Suzuki motorcycles

Apr 03,2019

Daytime running lights, as the name suggests, are used during driving during the day. Some people will ask, is the day bright and still use the position? As we all know, the air is not purely transparent.

Mar 26,2019

The two color injection molding is a method of molding that being called the "two material injection molding method" or the "different color material injection molding method", etc.

Mar 19,2019

Develop custom molds for customers

Mar 12,2019

How do we solve the smog on the plastic mold products

Mar 07,2019

Cooperation with GAC Group

Feb 27,2019

We have developed a new set injection mold of toilet seat for our customers . Today we talk something about the toilet seat injection mold and the molding machine for producing the toilet seat .

Feb 20,2019

The maintenance and repair of custom injection mold

Feb 19,2019

For a modern motorcycle ,no battery power means no ride .So how can we avoid the ride-stopping surprise? Load test your battery as part of your routine preventive maintenance schedule.

Feb 14,2019

Plastic injection mold is one of the main equipment for injection molding production

Jan 31,2019