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Auto safety hammer is indispensable auto parts

2019-01-23 17:33:22

          Auto safety hammer is indispensable auto parts.First of all, let's talk about the bus which is closely related to our life. The bus brings great convenience to our life. But the premise of convenience is safety.What about auto parts?The first thing we need to know about the bus emergency exit, generally divided into the door, the window and the roof of the car, if the door can be opened, it is best to escape from the door in order, remember not to crowded, if the collapse of personnel, not only others can not take off, will be trapped in the car.



          At present, buses generally use thick tempered glass, its middle part is the most solid, and the corners and edges of the relatively weak.If knock glass among, criterion bear force a dot less, damaged area is lesser, glass is broken not easily.And the result that a burst of chaos knocks can be to force not even only, toughened glass is not broken easily.In the event of a fire, the most important thing is to stay calm and quickly find the nearest way out.If the bus is a closed carriage and the door cannot be opened normally, passengers can use the safety hammer on the car to hit the window glass corners to escape.

         The correct use method of safety hammer is: knock the 4 corners of glass first, give forcibly to hit again to vitreous among, integral glass breaks the small glass bead that does not hurt people easily.As long as the four corners of the broken, even with only hand hit or kick can be very easy to break out.

         Fire extinguisher, traction rope, gauze, tourniquet, battery clip and other essential auto parts.