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Double-sided water shower

2019-05-08 11:52:41

The advantages of this double-sided shower:


Double sided water
When you take a bath, you can freely pull out the water surface. On the other hand, it is natural for rain, and the other side can be built with shower gel. It is a spray-type water and comfortable bath.

Free adjustment
The switch water outlet nozzle and the hand grip straight shank fixed point built-in water control switch, the moon hand gently press to the side, the water is now on the side, closed state when standing upright.

Pressurized water saving function
The pressurized water-saving technology provides users with a comfortable rain-white experience even in a low-pressure environment, which is more full and water-saving than ordinary nozzles.

Removable cleaning
Place the shower gel on one side and fold it down. It can be put into the mud regularly, and the internal cleansing is carried out regularly. The humanized design makes the heart more practical.

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