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Our new equipment two color injection molding machine

2019-03-19 14:13:53

Our new equipment ——two color injection molding machine

Recently ,our company purchase a new equipment of injection molding machine ——two color injection molding machine.


The two color injection molding is a method of molding that being called the "two material injection molding method" or the "different color material injection molding method", etc. Two types of thermoplastic resin are successively injected into the mold by respectively different injection cylinders, thereby producing a product with two types of colors.



The injection molding machine is equipped with two injection units, which respectively pour the molten material into the interior of the cavity of the mold via their respective sprues.
In the mold, the female part of the cavity is formed on the fixed side of the respective plastic material.On the other hand, two male cores of the same shape are formed on the moving half, and the space between the male parts can be moved by a rotating mechanism or a sliding mechanism


Using the two color injection molding method, the beautiful multi-function molded product can be produced in one step, it is possible to produce a molded item with high value addition. It is also possible to have multiple cavities in a single shot in the case of molded items with small sizes .

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