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Plastic injection mold is one of the main equipment for injection molding production

2019-01-31 15:38:16

         Plastic injection mold is one of the main equipment for injection molding production.Plastic injection mold can maintain the best performance and prolong the service life, so as to ensure the normal production.For injection molding processing, the mold and the injection molding machine has a great impact on the quality of the molding products, and even can be said that the role of the mold than the injection molding machine is greater, in the injection molding if not fully understand the mold, it is difficult to get good molding products.

         A through good maintenance and maintenance of plastic injection mold, mold assembly, debugging, can shorten the time and reduce the production failure, make production running smoothly, to ensure product quality, reduce scrap loss, and reduce enterprise operating costs and fixed asset investment, at the beginning of the next production cycle, would be able to produce quality qualified products enterprises.

         For injection molding products processing, therefore, in the case of the current market competition is intense, maintenance good mould, can help enterprises. Injection molding products processing due to product variety, mold change more frequently, the completion of a production cycle, the mould warehouse generally kept until the next production cycle comes out again.

        If not enough attention to mold preservation, will make the mold in the preservation period of rust, surface smoothness decline and other phenomena, resulting in product quality decline, high rejection rate, some mold is even difficult to reuse, need to invest a lot of money to buy a new mold, causing great waste.So good mold safety protection is very important!Then the injection mold to maintain rub anti - rust oil.