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Plastic materials catalogue

2019-06-28 15:32:53

Plastic materials catalogue


PB-1 is obtained by polymerisation of butene-1, with a stereo-specific Ziegler-Natta catalyst to creat a linear ,high molecular, isotactic, semi-crystalline polymer.

Application: A major application area for polyputene resins is seal peel or easy-open packaging.Typical examples include cartons lines(e.g cereal packaging) and packed for pre-packed delicatensse products like cold meats,cheeses, and smoked salmon.

Nylons (Polyamides) PA

The majority of nylons tend to be semi-crystalline and are generally very tough materials with good thermal and chemical resistance.The different types give a wide range of properties with specific gravity,melting point and moisture content tending to reduce as the nylon number increases.

Application: Nylon fibres are used in textiles, fishing line and carpets. Nylon films is usedfor food packaging, offering toughness and low gas permeability, and coupled with its temperature resistance, for boil-in-the-bag food packaging.

Polysters (Thermoplastic) PETP, PBT, PET

PBT, PET and PBT Blends are engineering plastics with excellent processing characteristics and high strength and rigidity for a wide range of applications.

Application: Engineering polymers are used in the manfacture of a wild range of components, including under bonnet parts, exterior parts (window wiper holders and exterior mirror housing)


Polyvinyl Chroride PVC

Compatible with many different kinds of addictives- PVC can be clear or colored,rigid or flexible, formulation of the compound is key to PVC’s “added values”.

Application: Window frames ,drainage pipes,water service pipe, medical device, blood storage bags, cable and wire insulation,reselient flooring, roofing menbrance,stationary, automotive interior and seat covering ,fashion and footwear, packing and cling films,credit cards, synthetic lether and other coated fabrics.

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