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The benefits of a one-stop service

2019-01-03 17:55:56

Posted by Dongxinda Molding Technology Corporation, edited by Shane Zhao, 2019-01-03

plastic injection molding industry

How important to find a supplier who is capable of offering one-stop service? Believe every purchaser knows about the importance, but why? Few people really think about that. Let’s study it right here in this article.

What do you care when buying a service or product? Normally competitive price, reliable quality and fast delivery are the items people concern the most. But how can you achieve that? One-stop service is probably one of the solutions.

Competitive cost. One-stop service can lower your cost by completing all processes in one place. Think of developing a product, say a water purifier. To make it you need to design, issue drawings, outsource the injection molds, plastic parts, water and electronic components, assemble them together and do some testes. Here we only talk about molds and plastic parts, you have two choices of either choosing a supplier who can both build molds and do the injection molding, or individual supplier for molds and plastic parts separately. In the second choice, you probably will face an embarrassing situation that you have to coordinate the mold maker and molding provider (you can also refer it as plastic parts producer) for some certain disputes occur during production. Worsely, some of them can not be settled by simple communication. The molding provider always says the problems happen on the mold side and should be mold’s responsibility to fix it, but the molder attributes it to the molding process. How to solve that conflict? Large communications invest in, time spends on the transportation, lead time is still coming with no improvement….. You may rejoice in the cost cut down from suppliers. Ok but so what!Each dollar you have saved is to be silently taken away by the endless communication, transport and not to mention the possible delay and a series of bad effects afterwards. By the way, you can get a lower price from integrated suppliers for their cost advantages when offering both the mold and molding service.

Reliable quality. Quality has something to do with one-stop service. Also take that water purifier for example, there are a variety of plastic panels assembled together to form the frame. Parts are required a excellent fit so that they can be mated well. We call them mating parts. How do you ensure every part fits well when manufacturing from different supplier? A standard part or template may be helpful in checking the fit. However, that is not enough to get you a better control comparing which those who produce every part in one place with on-site cross inspection for each mating part if necessary. Moreover, all detailed parts are produced under one quality system and with one unified process, which will finally bring you a steady production with reliable quality.

Delivery time. It is easy to figure out how the delivery time is affected by one-stop service. It will largely save the turnaround time between different processes and can avoid unnecessary arguments among suppliers.

All in all, you can benefit a lot from one-stop service and it’s better to choose a supplier who can do as much in-house as possible for your convenience and cost control.

We, Dongxinda Molding Technology Corporation, is a one-stop manufacturer who is capable of offering in-house design & engineering, injection mold building, injection molding, surface finishing, assembly and packing. Just get us a concept, we can return with a real product.

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