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The maintenance and repair of custom injection mold

2019-02-19 15:52:52

         Custom injection mold maintenance and repair.Want to check regularly above all, oil.The mold is put into normal production is continuous work, its working cycle in a month to a few months between.During this period, in order to ensure the production of a batch supply, it is necessary to ensure that the mold uninterrupted normal operation of the operator in the shift, in addition to the production of the number of products to explain, but also the use of the mold has a more detailed handover.

         Custom injection mold sliding parts, guide post, return rod, ejector rod, mold core, etc.should be observed at any time, checked regularly, and explained in the shift record.The operator who takes over the shift should oil the working face of the sliding parts, especially in the case of high temperature in summer, each shift should oil twice, in order to prevent dry friction and even pull the working face.

         Is responsible for the enterprise have to know the custom injection mold as the basic situation of the first should be for each pair of mould record card, detailed, statistics of its use, care lubrication, cleaning, rust and damage etc., to infer what parts and components have been damaged, the wear degree of size, to find and solve the problem of information data, and the mould molding process parameters, the materials used for the product, to shorten the custom injection mold, test time, improve production efficiency.

         Processing enterprises should be in the injection molding machine, mold under normal operation, all kinds of mold test performance, and finally forming parts size measured, through these information can determine the existing state of mould, find out the cavity, core, cooling system and parting surface damage, according to the information provided by the plastic, can judge the mold damage status and maintenance measures.