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What is the use of car daytime running lights

2019-03-26 17:09:33


Daytime running lights, as the name suggests, are used during driving during the day. Some people will ask, is the day bright and still use the position? As we all know, the air is not purely transparent. There are many things that affect the line of sight. The ripples, dust particles, moisture, etc. will float in the air, affecting our observation of distant objects, so at the same distance, the light Objects are always more conspicuous than non-illuminating objects. Sometimes, from the driver's point of view, visibility and light are good, you can see it, but other vehicles may not be able to see you at this time, for example: If you drive in the evening, Shunguang Driving, the red sunset is behind you, the situation in front is very clear, but the car in front of you can be very vague, because only the sunset can be seen in his rearview mirror, and your car It is "backlit" in the rearview mirror of the front car, and if the opposite vehicle does not see your position, the risk factor is even greater.


In another case, when the vehicle passes under the overpass in the city, since the light under the bridge is much darker than the outside, the vehicle without the light is very fuzzy under the bridge, which is difficult to see, even if it is automatic. The model of the light is also illuminated by a short delay light after entering the bridge. If the line is connected at the time of entering the bridge, it is very likely to ignore the vehicle without any lights at the rear. Like the haze weather in recent years, it is even more necessary to use the daytime running lights. In the case of severe fog, when it is unclear when it is 200 meters away, the effect of turning on the light is very different. 

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